About My Services

10 yrs of expertise in Runes and IChing,Tarot, Clariovance, satisfying thousands of clients

Experience & Qualifications

I give rest assurance in my accuracy and do keep in mind Clients reliability and trust. No false hopes. 100 % truth. Money doesn't always count but surely a clear mind. Lots and lots persons believe in me and also i do make home visits and all my belief is to God. You have the ability within yourself and create your own future. I use the Tarot, Clariovance, Runes and IChing to help bring about what's best for you. YOU have the power ~ I merely guide. I use eclectic spirituality in my readings


12 yrs experience in Astrology, Numerology, Fensui and I-chingc, Reiki Master, Reliable Psychic, spell caster, Tarot Reader, Free thinker , spell caster, kabalah, palm reader