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Look no further I SEE your finances and your career path. I am the stockbroker of psychics for you as I am a clairvoyant, 3rd generation psychic, sensitive, empath and remote viewer. I don't sugarcoat my readings and I offer clarification for free after the reading. My readings are very detailed and you will understand what is happening and why it is. I will guide you to your highest potential financial outlook! I am able to see the whole picture including the economy which I do predictions on Youtube, Facebook, and my own blogger website through Google. My predictions and the dates do tie in with your financial outlook but you will be two moves ahead like in the game of Chess. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I can connect with you and your financial outlook in a detailed reading by phone or by a message reading. I can also do a live chat reading if you prefer. When I provide a detailed message reading they are in great depth as I get visions as a clairvoyant and I get internal clairaudience which is something I hear internally. I am guided to tell you everything. I can describe it best as I am reading a book of your life. If you have any questions after a reading whether it's phone, message or live chat I offer clarification for free. You will not leave having questions after you read with me. I am honest and I am for real or I wouldn't read. I don't sugarcoat my readings and I stress that because it would be a disservice. The truth is what sets you free and behind it is spiritual understanding which I provide. If I see that your present position will not last I will tell you and you will be one move ahead like in the game of Chess. When one door closes another one opens which is better. Sometimes it's a career change that is coming. I will spiritually guide you as well because I don't want you to stay in a rut and it's fear that holds us back. Fear of the unknown. Many times you are at a crossroads in your life not knowing which path to take. I will guide you and my psychic abilities are a gift from God. So you are protected from lower energies when I do a reading. I know where my answers are coming from. I will tell you if a loved one who past is coming through to help you. Sometimes they literally just pop in when I am reading. I get remote viewing which can be an item or location. There is significance behind this and you will understand. As I do predictions for the world on Youtube as a Youtube Partner I include financial outlook I see and it's important as it will affect everyone but I am able to tell you what dates to be careful of regarding finances and stock. My deceased grandmother who was psychic born in 1904 was able to see the Great Depression coming and took her money out of the bank and survived it and was financially secure at retirement age. She kept her house through the Great Depression and sold it many years later for a great profit. I am here to help you as this is my mission. As an empath I can feel what you are feeling. I can feel sadness, anxiety, your worries and fears. So I am connected with you during the reading and after the reading. I will contact you by message after the reading at any time that I feel there is something I must tell you. The feedback from my reviews will tell you that I am for real. I never ask for a review and it makes me keep reading when I do get positive feedback. The number of my reviews are also high and I would never use bots to manipulate the numbers. I can't change or delete any reviews. If someone doesn't hear what they want to they take it out on the messenger sometimes. That's why I stress I don't sugarcoat my readings. DISCLAIMER- Must be 18 years old Readings do not substitute Medical Advice by a Licensed Medical Doctor

Experience & Qualifications

- Third generation psychic - Psychic readings 35 years - LivePerson/Kasamba Expert Psychic since 2009 - Clairvoyant (visions) - Tarot Cards (Ryder Waite Deck) (Currently Doreen Virtues Archangel Oracle Cards) - Positive feedback reviews from Kasamba clients - Very high ranking psychic on Kasamba - Many of my clients will only get readings with me as they state and returning clients for years - Spiritual guidance - Life Coaching - Youtube/Google Partner 2008-present - AdSense Partner/Google Inc. - Psychic Predictions on Youtube Paranormal Investigations Youtube Spiritual Classes Youtube - World Psychic (read for USA, Canada, India, UK, Japan) - Currently writing book about my Paranormal Investigations - Paranormal vids will be aired on TV in Fall (will keep you posted) - RN Psychic visions of health problems psychic readings related to pregnancy issues, mental health issues, vitamin deficiencies, skeletal issues, behavioral issues Worked as RN Charge Nurse 33 bed skilled unit, RN Dialysis Nurse, RN Hospice Case Manager (As RN, BSN prevented heart attack for patient based on psychic/intuitive abilities) Hospice RN-Predictions of patients death) - Intuitive - Performed Aura Cleansings on Kasamba getting rid of lower energies, demons, curses - Gift from God and protection prayer prior to reading - Past Lives (imprints are carried over) - Have told clients mission and themes in life - Read for client of missing child on Kasamba DISCLAIMER: Psychic readings on health do not substitute Medical Advice by a Licensed Medical Doctor. Any health symptoms must be properly diagnosed by MD DISCLAIMER: Must be 18 years old for Psychic Readings. Psychic readings are not a legally binding contract. The outcome has many variables as everyone has free will. I do not caste spells. I will tell you what I see and I don't sugarcoat my readings. It's a disservice to you if someone sugarcoats your readings. I've had clients come to me after several readings from other psychics who did sugarcoat the reading and I gave them the truth. Remember, the truth is what sets you free. I honestly can say that I am truly psychic and can read just as good or better than the celebrity, world renowned psychics. I've had other people tell me this as well. I've had clients coercing me to be a celebrity psychic. I tell you this not to exalt myself but so you know that I am for real and just because my price is much lower than a celebrity psychic you are getting just as good or better psychic reading.


- Licensed RN, BSN. Graduated from Thomas Jefferson University in 1995. - RN Psychic - Third Generation Psychic - 35 years Psychic Readings - Clairvoyant - Clairaudient - Empath - Sensitive - Paranormal Psychic - Paranormal Investigator - Youtube Partner since 2008 - World Predictions - Hauntings/Investigations - World Psychic Reader - Confirmation of being Psychic by Sylvia Browne, video on Youtube, "This is what makes it so difficult being a psychic." - Life Coach - Spiritual Advisor - Spiritual Classes - Psychic Teachers (practiced clairvoyance, remote viewing 2001-2009) - Studied Occult Numerology Pythagoras (2014-present) (for awareness of future events) - Studied paranormal with Demonologist (2011-2014) - Aura Cleansings - Occult Symbolism (Egyptian mythology 2011-Present)