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How do you know the right time to leave? Is there any hope for my marriage? Does my spouse really love me? Should I stay with my spouse or should I leave for the new love? I can answer these questions and more...                                     






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Is a Psychic Reading set in stone?

Psychic readings tell you what is going to happen, based on the present moment, if there is something that you do not like you can change it! You are the master of your destiny. If the future was set in stone psychic readings would be pointless. By changing your thoughts and energy you have the power to change your life! However, when it comes to things such as soulmate, lovers, friends, and family connections, I believe this is more of a divine will (fate thing), so we can learn the lessons we were intended to in this particular incarnation.

Do Psychics just tell you what you want to hear in their psychic readings?

I can only speak for myself of course. I make my money off of repeat business. Many of my customers have been coming to me for years and they have recommended tons of people to me because they were happy with my services and accurate predictions. With the current costs of advertising, a Psychic simply cannot survive doing one time readings for long. I have become successful because of repeat business and referrals. It has given me the edge to thrive in a very competitive field now for over 20 years. I believe other successful Psychics are of the same rationale as I am.

Do honest psychics see the calender?

No. psychic ability comes from the right side of the brain, just like dreams. There have been many studies conducted at leading universities that indicate that psychic ability is not very good for seeing exact time frames, but very accurate with what occurs.

Are there Psychics that are bad?

Definitely, just like with any field. The best way to avoid bad Psychics is that you go to someone that has a user rating system or was referred to you by someone you know. When looking through their reviews, look to see that they have repeat clients, as you do not go back to a Psychic for another psychic reading where nothing happens that they have predicted.

What if I need/want to pin point time frames for launching a new business venture etc?

If you are looking for detailed time frames, you should consult the services of a professional astrologer; as astrology is a left brain science that is very good with timing.

What if I get a Psychic Reading and I don’t like it, or it sounds impossible given the current situation?

This often happens! We tend to judge life by our past. So when someone tells us something that doesn’t seem accurate based on our past experience it is very hard to believe (for good or bad).However this is the danger of preconceived ideas. In psychology this is known as a cognitive distortion, it is like trading stocks based on yesterday’s newspapers. It is insane really. If you are going to get a good Psychic Reading, it is important to keep an open mind and heart. Free yourself of any preconceived ideas.

Should I come for a Psychic Reading when I am upset?

This is the biggest mistake that clients make in my opinion. It is the worst thing you can do actually. When you are in intense emotion it is hard for a Psychic to help you. Often it is hard for a Psychic to distinguish a person’s emotions from what is going to happen.

Should I come to a psychic if I do not believe in them? No. Doubt, dishonesty, and disbelief actually will block psychic readings. It is a dense negative energy that shuts down any type of positive spiritual help. If you do not believe in psychics or have very strong opinions against them, you simply should not waste your time and money. copyright 2010