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** NEW on Kasamba ** Now on Kasamba! As a psychic energy reader I can help you understand how your energy impacts all areas of your life. Fertility, is such an important and sometimes frustrating part of our lives. Many things can influence our success. If you need another layer to understanding what may be going on, an energy reading focusing on this can really help. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am not a medical doctor, there are plenty to help you with only that aspect...but I can make you aware of spiritual and emotional flows that you have at your disposal to add in the process of conceiving. The process can be like a rollercoaster, the ups and downs making us feel out of control. You can use your energy to ground you and bring you the outcome you desire. Understanding a person's energy is understanding them.

Experience & Qualifications

I can help you learn what your energy is telling you about what you need to understand in achieving what you want. I have learned over thirty years of energy reading that the answers are already in us. Learn to clear blocks and attract the energy that will help you achieve what you desire. I ask only for a first name for an energy reading. I also will get some things separate and apart when reading your energy line. I believe in sharing the good news and the bad, as it will help you navigate whatever is to come.


I am a member of several astrology organizations and have completed numerous courses in EBT and other metaphysical programs.