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** NEW on Kasamba ** I am well-versed in Astrology and keep up with what is happening at what that means to you. Typically, I blend Astrology with my love of Tarot for a more accurate reading. I never stop learning and applying my knowledge to readings! Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am also very familiar with Astrology and most other metaphysical subjects and these things are sprinkled throughout a session. As a teen, I was casting natal charts and doing horoscopes for the school newspaper. My stargazing passions never left me. There is always more to know and to branch off too. Elective Astrology is a personal favorite of mine because I get to help people find important dates for their weddings or to launch business promotions. I basically use all my senses to relay the story I'm seeing and feeling so you can make informed choices to live your best life.

Experience & Qualifications

I've been keeping up with Astrology ever since I was a kid. It is fascinating stuff! I cast my first basic chart when I was 15 and am still learning. I'm enrolled in a Cosmobiology class right now, as a matter of fact! Typically, I use Astrology during my Tarot reading to really oomph the accuracy.


Parapsychology diploma from Stratford Career Institute and Angel Healing diploma from Academy of Ancient Magick