About My Services

I am offering empathetic guidance and clarity during times of transition. As an intuitive energy-alignment enthusiast and spiritual adviser, I provide compassionate support to navigate the complexities of ending a relationship. With a focus on healing and empowerment, I offer insights and strategies to help my clients find peace and renewal as they embark on new beginnings. I offer guided meditations for grounding, clearing and chakras balancing, feminine and masculine energy alignment, coherence and peace of mind by E-mail.

Experience & Qualifications

Whether seeking closure, understanding, or a path forward, I am dedicated to providing personalized guidance to facilitate healing and growth during this transformative journey. I am passionate about Divination tools and have worked with them for over six years. More skills will come to light soon.


Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Marketing Google AdWords Certification Content Marketing Masterclass Certification The Comprehensive SEO Training Certification