mystic serenity.

Specializing in: 

Breaking Up & Divorce


Quick,Clairvoyant and Accurate Insight into your relationship issues.Help and guide you by using my spiritual powers with current situation in your relationship will this last or not and how things can be changed. Trusted accuracy, Solid predection Other Specialties  
About My Services

I have in tuned my spiritual psychic abilities to perfect my readings by using the art of old tradition and invoking the new by channeling my spirit guides and introducing a twist on spiritual insight this allows me to connect with my clients on a higher level there for I can see deeper then ever in to the past present and future

Experience & Qualifications

I have studied at the university of California and i have traveled with some of the most extraordinary spiritualist I have my own psychic shop for over 15 years and have gave spiritual love lectures all around the world


i have spent over severl years in unique state of meditation