About My Services

Welcome, I'm Violet!

I read minds. That's my claim to fame thing that absolutely nobody else in the world can do as well as I can.

I use it to help clients understand the people they have close relationships with, so they know what they should do next in their relationship. Whether it's time to take more action, less action, be patient, move on, or be bold, I help them navigate all those little nuances that every relationship goes through.

Contact me today for a breakthrough session and get through your break up with ease!

Experience & Qualifications

Requirements: For most sessions I need your first name, date of birth and current location (as in, where you live now, city, state) I will need the same information for any person you ask about (if you want general info a name and location will usually suffice) For businesses I need the name or type of business. For extraneous situations I may need additional information.

Ratings: I love it when my clients leave ratings! However, if you have a problem with our session, please talk to me before rating. I'd love to have the opportunity to clarify the reading.

Disclaimer: My services do not constitute legal, psychological, medical or other professional services as provided by said professionals. If you feel your problem is outside of my expertise, please contact your local professional.

Confidentiality: All sessions are private and confidential; your information will not be shared with third parties, students, family, friend or others.


PhD in Metaphysical Science, PhD in Parapsychology, Reiki Grand Master, Lightarian Reiki Master, Member of the World Metaphysical Association, #1 Bestselling Author