About My Services

Why one star review occasionally? The truth hurts. Some people want me to change what I see. I can't do that. I am psychic through speed typing which is similar to speed writing. I type without thought and very fast. I've been told that I am very detailed from people who live in the UK for instance. I believe it is a gift from God. I believe my purpose in life is to help people. No matter how difficult your life is right now, it only takes one step to change everything. I predicted my father's death through a dream. I think we all have the ability and we forgot how to use it. I can teach you how to remember your dreams also and you can find the answers. I also learned things from a Shaman. Every animal we see is telling us something. For example, if you see a turtle he is probably telling you to slow down. It could mean in a relationship or a work situation. I can also help you with people who are bothering you. One thing is to mentally surround yourself with mirrors. So, any bad energy this person is throwing off will just reflect back onto them. It really works. I had to do with my boss. In life we also have free will. I want to guide you on the right path. I do think there are dark entities who will mess with us. The better we become the stronger they try to get us. This doesn't have to happen. We are also going to see many changes. As time is speeding up it is making people have anxiety. However, people are becoming more spiritual. Right now there is a thin veil between this dimension and the other side. It's not unusual to see or hear entities from the other side. I also visit haunted sites. I grew up in an area that is very much alive such as Ghost Mountain, a house on Funks Mill Rd. which burned down, and the Pyramids to name a few. I have also visited Devil's Tower in Alpine, NJ and Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA. I guess this is a hobby of mine. So, feel free to ask me anything. I've studied science in college and I have a BSN. I've had psychology courses as well. So, I'm not crazy, however, I believe in unexplained phenomenon. I also believe 2012 we will have major changes as many ancient civilizations have predicted such as the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Incas to name a few. I can help you meditate too. I believe many of us have trapped negative energy in our chakras. Some people have trapped negative energy in their forehead which gives them headaches. Others have trapped energy in their digestive tract and they have problems with acid reflux and bowel movements. So, I feel with relaxation meditation we can get rid of these health problems. However, a Doctor should always be seen first to make sure that there isn't a major medical problem. I can teach you to get rid of guilt that you are holding. Usually,if you confess it to someone it will make you feel better. It's hard to tell your close friends or family sometime, but you can tell me as this is in private and it is confidential. We also have to forgive others. Why, do people hurt us? Well, they are learning too. We are only human and we all make mistakes. Married couples may cheat on one another because they fall off their guided path and a dark entity may have entered. There's a little harmless trick you can do to keep these people away. I've done it and it worked. I don't consider it witchcraft. I think it is protecting you and your family. It's quite simple by just putting their name in a small bottle like a salt shaker for instance and then burying it. If you have something of their's like a picture or just anything that they had contact with, you can put it in there also. Another think you can do is protect yourself with salt by making a circle around yourself and nothing bad can enter. You can also do this with your house so nothing will enter such as your doors and windows. I have also made Holy water which you can do too. It's just taking water and placing it in the sun for three hours. You make a cross with your finger in the wate

Experience & Qualifications

I have a gift from God and I have read people for about 20 yrs. I used to read the Ryder Waite Tarot Cards. I never charged because I was humble. However, now I would donate a % of the money to help children and people in need. I have been spiritual my entire life and read so many books on spirituality. As for religion I was Baptised Catholic and was confirmed at a Lutheran Church and when I was 12 I received my first Holy communion. I just never found the answers I was looking for. I read the Gnostic Gospels from the Nag Hammadi Library which is right on the internet and the Gospel of St. Thomas just hit home. I am detailed in speed typing which is how I get messages from God or a higher being. I have performed Progressive Relaxation Meditation on patients and the staff on a Psychiatric Locked Unit when I did my preceptorship as an RN. I earned my BSN which is a 4 yr. degree at a prestigious college. I worked as an RN Hospice Case Manager for 1 yr. and started to write a book on Hospice. As I controlled physical symptoms, I also did spiritual work on patients who were dying as well as the family members. We considered dying a celebration of life which means that we focus on the time we have left and cherish every day. I never discouraged hope as I told the whole family unit that I am not God and there could be a cure tomorrow. I had a foundation as I lost my parents 11 months apart. When my mom died my son was only 6 wks old. I think life experience is the best experience for spiritual development. I would keep a dream journal by my side and I predicted my father's demise. I had the dream in 12/98 and he died 10/12/99. I told my father, but sometimes things are meant to be. I believe it was his time to go because he survived the massive heart attack, but the operation went bad and it was only a 2% chance that he would die. Plaque probably broke off and went to his brain and he had a major stroke. This is the hospital that I graduated from.


RN, BSN, Life Coach