About My Services

Welcome to a place of care and compassion. A peaceful place. A safe place.

It's a comfortable room with an over-sized chair. There's always a pot of coffee brewing or the herbal tea of your choice. Maybe something cool to drink.

It's a place to relax. A place to feel safe to express your hurts and fears and a place to feel confident that you will never be judged or scolded. A place where hands are often held as we work toward insights that calm, offer clarity and, when possible, solutions.

Welcome to my chat room! I work with my guide, Betta, as well as offering my own psychic insights and intuitions.

Together, we find your answers. Betta and I are looking forward to our chat!

Experience & Qualifications

I have worked as a professional psychic for the past several decades, although an intuitive since birth. (Or at least as far back as I can remember!)

While I'm experienced in the use of several oracles – tarot, runes, crystals and angel guidance as examples – when reading for my clients, I always add to mix my own gentle psychic insights.


Reiki Master Level III Certification