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Gay & Lesbian Friendly



Caring, direct and non judgmental psychic guidance for same-sex issues. This is a safe place to ask whatever questions you need an Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am an empathic, intuitive reader specializing in relationship readings. I can provide insight to help bring some clarity and focus to questioning sexuality and same-sex relationship-related issues. We can explore all options to find the best path to a positive future. I am here to help, so please be ready to hear the truth. If you're not looking for honest answers please choose another reader. I do most of my connection with you out of hire and try to streamline things for you if I'm able. (I don't use cards so that also helps in that you do not have to wait for me to shuffle a deck.) I do my best to be truthful and ethical and give you tools you can use to effect a positive outcome in your life, whatever that may be. (If you are not ready for the truth, it would probably be best to purchase a "magic 8-ball" toy and keep shaking until it tells you what you wish to hear, as it will be much cheaper!)

Experience & Qualifications

I have been providing readings since 1988. I've been doing readings online since the mid 90s and have been on Kasamba since 2003. My ratings an reviews speak for themselves. Thankfully I've had wonderful clients who have been with me for over a decade here.


I have a BS in a totally unrelated field. I worked hard for it so thought I'd tell you about it.