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Stassi is very intuitive and insightful and also a very quick typist - she helped me to clarify things today and I'll certainly be back! thanks Stassi Shanti 4-4-14 Other Specialties  
About My Services

The landscape of the U.S., in terms of accepting and welcoming any and all relationships, no matter the gender or sexual orientation, is changing in a continually consistent basis and isn't it about time? Please come to me for a reading and know that I do not judge anyone. You will be able to tell, upon connecting with me, whether via chat or phone, that I do not have a judgemental bone in my body and that readings with me are relaxed and productive. I usually take about 30 seconds to connect. From that point forward, I am to the point and accurate. Whether you want to do all the talking, or say nothing at all, my readings will suit your personality. I am sensitive to your needs.

Experience & Qualifications

I am a 64 years old medium and reader. I have had in my life, and continue to have, a vast amount of life experience working with people from all cultures, sexual orientations and backgrounds. I have mentored friends, colleagues and even near strangers (friends of friends) who happened into my life not my circumstance but by the universal law of design and once I had become a mentor and friend to them, we both understood, coming away, that our paths crossed for a reason.


Certification as a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender reader which enables me to help my clients understand and reach their full potential in relationships and career in spite of biased views and laws which are commonly held against them.