About My Services

When you call me, you will receive warm and caring insight from a well respected, ethical Reader. I am particularly gifted in love and relationship insight and will always verify a connection before beginning a reading with you.

 I am an empathic, intuitive Reader specializing in relationship readings. I can provide insight to help bring some clarity and focus to relationship-related issues.

We can explore all options to find the best path to a positive future. I am here to help, so please be ready to hear the truth. If you're not looking for honest answers please choose a different Reader.

If possible, I will do my best to do most of my connection with you before hire. I will not try to sell you expensive spells, curses or meditate while the clock is running. Occasionally, in certain situations, candle work and meditation can be helpful. I will teach you how to do them on your own, with things you have around the house, because they are much more powerful that way!

I do my best to be truthful and ethical and give you tools you can use to effect a positive outcome in your life, whatever that may be. Since I am very honest, it is important to know that asking the same questions in revised ways will not usually change the answer. Sugar-coating a situation might make you feel good in the short term, but will be disappointing down the road. So in the best interest of both of us, I will be direct, and tell it as I see it.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been a professional Reader for over two decades and have been working on this site for over ten years! Feel free to check out my ratings; I am fortunate to have many wonderful return clients who have been coming to me for readings for a number of years.


I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in a business-related major and have many years of experience working with the public.