About My Services

Hello to everyone. I have been doing this work for 3 years over the phone. I am here to help you with those questions you just cannot seem to answer. I can also work with you on your life path, and show you the light.I am here to bring light to people and give them the answers they seek from listening to spirit and guidance of light.

The wolf is one of the most noble creatures one who is a teacher and guide of the life path and sees the visions of the world. Wolf uses the teachings and visions to guide the people of this world to the right path in life. I work with many guides including the wolf. I have a passion to help others and I am here to do my life mission.

Experience & Qualifications

I work with the many techniques to guide you on your divine path.

I have traveled across USA & Canada and worked with many people with healing and personal mentoring. I have worked with a few celebrities and gone to many seminars & Expo's across the country.


working with psychology and ministry we can look at the energy around the situation.