Newlight Angel

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Marital Life



Intuitive Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance that can help you relate to each other in a higher conscious way. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Intuitive Visions, Insight, Empathic, Angel oracle inspirations, Channeling Spiritual Guides and Angels. Communication and seeing your way to the real truth, is the key to all relationships. I have 20 years experience in counseling couples in relationships intuitively, spiritually and personally. Please feel free to request my services.

Experience & Qualifications

Professional consultant, Intuitive adviser for International and law enforcement helping to find missing and abducted children as well as crimes. Counseling, mentoring, healing guidance, life coach for couples more than 20 years of experience helping couples see the truth of their potential together.


I'm a professional Intuitive life coach counselor, Spiritual mentor, Relationship Adviser with a 5 star status world wide with major networks and organizations.