About My Services

I provide detailed email readings or you can connect with me by a live phone reading or by live chat. I don't sugarcoat my readings and if you want the truth hire me. number of reviews and details are the real deal just like I am. You can do the math and know that my reviews are for real. I am clairvoyant and see the whole picture. I only require first names and just ages. I also provide readings by using Doreen Virtues Archangel Oracle Cards. I can do crystal readings and I am expert at the Universal Law of Attraction. I can instruct you how to meet your soulmate. Readings are specific and detailed and will provide clarification after reading. DISCLAIMER- Must be 18 years old. Readings do not substitute seeking Medical Advice/Treatment by a licensed Medical Doctor

Experience & Qualifications

I have been reading for over 30 years. I am psychic/sensitive and please read my reviews on Kasamba and you will know that I am for real.


RN and Bachelor of Science, Youtube Partner, Paranormal Investigator, Sensitive, Provide Psychic and Spiritual Blogs.