About My Services

Intuitive, Empathic, Angel Oracles and inspiration, Channeling Spiritual Guides and Angels. For love and relationships I am able to tune into the soul patterns and listen to the sound of Spirit. A place outside of time, where we all meet as one in the light of love. I hear audible impressions and see visions of thought impressions, receiving the intentions of a soul and the feelings involved when one relates to others here on earth. An expression of higher truth will give way to guidance as we journey together through the spiritual patterns our lives hold. Come share with me to see where you and your love are headed.

Experience & Qualifications

Professional consultant, Intuitive adviser for International world wide networks, investigations and law enforcement, helping to find missing and abducted children as well as working with various precincts in the past to help solve crimes.


I have had the opportunity in the past to assist various agencies and law enforcement in finding missing and abducted children and adults as well as crimes when ever I can. 5 star world wide counselor with major networks as well as, my own business.