About My Services

A background in Child Psychology and in Mediator Methods. I have worked with many daycares and worked with parents and children to help them through life choices and find peace. I will be here to help you through your problems and answer any questions.

Hello to everyone. I have been doing this work for many years in person and over the phone. I used to go by the name Angel and Robin and now I am back to continue my passion which is helping people here at Kasamba. I am here to help you with those questions you just cannot seem to answer. I can also work with you on your life path, and show you the light.I am here to bring light to people and give them the answers they seek from listening to spirit and guidance of light.

The wolf is one of the most noble creatures one who is a teacher and guide of the life path and sees the visions of the world. Wolf uses the teachings and visions to guide the people of this world to the right path in life. I work with many guides including the wolf. I have a passion to help others and I am here to do my life mission to help you answer those questions that you need help with or just to lend an ear or be a friend that is my mission. I have had many years of experience I started out on keen and have worked on many psychic lines and done many healing.

Experience & Qualifications

I will lead you to answers needed to solve problems in whichever area you are of in need... Money, Life, Career, Relationships, Life in General and much more .

Are you looking for an arrow in the right direction to your life path? I give what I see is given to me by spirit. It may not be what you want to hear, but I will always be honest. I will not tell you how to live your life or make decisions for you, but simply guide you with what I see and give my advice to assist you as Spirit and guides lead me.

If you cannot afford this price I will be more than happy to work with you on making arrangements ofsome kind. Everyone deserves a chance in life to be guided because we are all on a journey in life to reach where we need to be.


have a background as an ordained minister, Child psychology, and healing touch, and divine guidance work