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*** Hello and welcome to you:)

*** My Schedule *** ~ I am normally here by 9AM Central US time ~ and on and off until around 10PM Central time. I also work by appointment.

*Due to the auto-hire now - All Clients: please be prepared to spend AT LEAST 5-10 PAID minutes with me for your reading (this does not include free minutes) - no exceptions, please. This does not include your free connection time... I am and always will be very respectful of your time, please be respectful of my time. Anyone taking advantage of the free minutes will be reported to LP.

Do you have a family challenge and need spiritual guidance? I also specialize in soulmate and twin flame readings ~ and all matters of the heart. I am also a gifted Medium who can connect with loved ones who have passed, and am able to *read a situation where clarity and Truth are needed. I am given clarity and information by Spirit and my spirit guides. What Spirit and my guides give me, I pass along to you, unedited.

I *always offer free connection time with all new clients which will not take long at all (just a few minutes)-- so I will need to lead the first few minutes to connect with you *before I am hired in our first reading. Please give me only the information I ask for in our connection time.

I am a Reader who does more in-depth readings, so if you have a 'yes' or 'no' question, I am not the reader for you in most cases.

Truth is powerful ~ and if you're not looking for an honest and truthful reading ~ I am definitely not the reader for you.

I am not able nor am I meant to read for every client who comes my way. Sometimes energies are not compatible ~ and sometimes there just isn't a solid connection. Please also note that if you are feeling angry or frustrated, those energies can sometimes block you from receiving a clear read.

Please note that I do not offer free follow-up questions or free readings. If you have a follow-up question to your reading ~ or a lengthly email for me to read, we will need to connect for a reading to answer your concerns and questions, and for me to read your email (which will be during our paid chat time).

Please be open to truth in your reading, as my intention is to bring clarity and truth in all readings. My readings are deep reads, so you may have a deeper understanding of what is going on, and what is ahead, along with the lessons that are before you in any given situation. If you are not willing to hear truth, I am not the reader for you.

Please give me the opportunity to guide the first few minutes (new clients) as I connect to you and your energies. I will ask you what I need to know so please do not offer me too much information. If we don't connect I am not hired. I will let you know when I feel I am ready to be hired and we will then go into a reading.

I am an experienced and gifted Master Psychic with over 25 years experience working with my private clients. I do not tell my clients fairy tales, and I don't add to the messages I receive, so be prepared and open to Truth.

Please be truthful with yourself, as many clients really want to hear what they want to hear. There is no integrity in making up false, pretty stories or making false promises.

Experience & Qualifications

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25+ years experience ~ I have a private practice offering my services as a Psychic advisor, reiki master, medium, spiritual healer, shaman and spiritual life coach/advisor serving clients Internationally

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Spiritual Advisor and Spiritual Family Coach *25 years experience