About My Services

Your children are life flowing through you. They take what they can from you and move on into their own ways of thinking and doing things. While there is no substitute for experience, there is wisdom in letting them go their own way. You have not found me by mistake. There is a great understanding between us already. Understanding lies within all things that we are all one and meaningful. Let there be oneness in you today that you may live a richer, more fulfilled life. I provide patience, acceptance, and non-judgement in my readings. There is a closeness shared when one is read by another. To pick up on and monitor that closeness, to look deeply into whatever situation, person, or circumstance may be troubling you is where my expertise lies. There is a great and passionate soul within you; how do I know this? Because you are human. It is my mission in life to make the human experience more joyful and less stressful, more peaceful and less chaotic. I have done readings for a great many from around the world. Their experiences have all been unique and always helpful. Allow me to help you today. I can see into the future, sense the feelings of those around you, recall memories from the past that still come up for you and create problems today, and I can see what the future holds for you and that of those around you. I allow only love and light into my readings, and myself and those I read for are well protected from any negativity that may be trying to enter ones life.

Experience & Qualifications

Over 15 years experience and 20,000 readings. I have adapted my skills into a highly developed psychic through years of training, study, and working with others. Highly seasoned in love and relationships, career and finance, and timelines.


Hypnotherapy License