About My Services

Welcome! My name is Alamay and it is lovely to meet you.

This service provides:
• Lessons on how to Astral Project
• Learning safety and awareness on how to travel safely
• Learn how to interpret images, messages, guides, and anything else you experience
• Direct channeled messages from my guides to you in anything you need to know about Astral Projection

The wonderful world of the 4th density/ Astral Projection is lovely and overwhelming sometimes. I can provide you with the guidance you need, through my high-frequency guides, to assist you in learning it.

If you would like a phone call session, I can also provide you with an Astral Projection experience through a guided meditation with my voice. I am a meditation teacher and guided meditation voiceover actor who has been heard by over a million people worldwide through popular apps and meditation videos (one of them is linked at the bottom for your inspection). I am confident I can assist you with your needs here.

Please let me know:
• What you need help with
• Your name and date of birth
• A few common times that work for you throughout the week, and what timezone you're in

Lots of love,

Experience & Qualifications

I have been Astral Projecting before I understood what it was. Since I was a child I could travel to different worlds and just thought it was my imagination. Ultimately, it is our imagination, but the imagination is the "eye" of the higher planes. You most likely have Astral Projected as well without realizing it. With my experience, and the help of my high-frequency guides, we can assist you into learning it for yourself, opening your third eye, and any other tools you need to bring you stability into the 4th-dimensional astral world.

I also wrote and was the voiceover actor for a successful meditation app. Much of the content on it is guided astral experiences, along with mindfulness exercises. These sessions have already helped people all around the world.


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