About My Services

Hello! Welcome to this page.

My name is Alamay and I am a meditation teacher. Please check my credentials at the bottom if you need to.

Ultimately, I am a channeler. In these private meditation sessions, my guides will lead you through a meditative experience.

Meditation can cover a variety of things:
• How to love yourself more
• How to attain a more peaceful state of life
• How to feel happiness and joy once again
• How to heal yourself
• How to let go of overthinking, anxiety, self-criticism
• And an infinite number of things.

These sessions are wonderful because they teach you how to do this yourself. At the end of each session, if necessary, I will send you a summary of the exercise so you can repeat it on your own any time. My guides always provide simple, to the point exercises that are enjoyable to do on your own.

Let go of the idea of traditional meditation where you sit there and perhaps find it a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. You don't really understand why you're doing it. Although traditional meditation is wonderful and necessary at some point in life, it is not the ONLY way to meditate, especially when starting out. We can make meditation fun, enjoyable, adventurous if needed, or relaxing, peaceful and zen. Whatever your needs are, we can fulfill that.

I will be honored to teach you whatever you need to know in our time together.

If you would like to book a session, please email me with this info:
• What times and dates work with you (and what time zone you're in)?
• What you would like to work in your meditation practice?
• What is your experience in meditation?
• Is there any meditation you have difficulty with?

Sessions can be anywhere from twenty minutes to ninety minutes, depending on what you need and what my guides feel is best. I will let you know before we begin how long it will approximately be.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been Astral Projecting before I understood what it was. Since I was a child I could travel to different worlds and just thought it was my imagination. Ultimately, it is our imagination, but the imagination is the "eye" of the higher planes. You most likely have Astral Projected as well without realizing it. With my experience, and the help of my high-frequency guides, we can assist you into learning it for yourself, opening your third eye, and any other tools you need to bring you stability into the 4th-dimensional astral world.

I also wrote and was the voiceover actor for a successful meditation app. Much of the content on it is guided astral experiences, along with mindfulness exercises. These sessions have already helped people all around the world.


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