About My Services

Welcome to this page for Fortune-Telling! I am honored to assist you in navigating all the chapters, avenues, and ways for you to experience this life.

I would like to be clear first in what I can do, and what I cannot do for you:

I can provide clear instructional and educational readings on how to move into your most prosperous, happy, and abundant timeline on Earth. We all have control over our realities. The future is fluid. That means we can control our future. Destiny does exist, but so does freewill. I can offer lessons on how to understand that you do control your future, and how to easily apply the knowledge into everyday life. Ultimately this service provides you with how to move into the most abundant timeline.

I do not provide you with information on how to continue along the same timeline, which is what some other wonderful readers on here do. I want to be clear about this. My guides will give you clear answers on how to move into the most abundant timeline, but they will not answer questions on how to make sure you keep going into more despair and repeating patterns. They will only tell you about your current trajectory if it is to assist in pulling you out of it.

My readings are not for everyone, so listen to your own instincts on whether you think this is a good idea. These can be very healing or very upsetting depending on who listens to it and if they are ready to hear it.

These readings have helped people all around the world embrace the life they have always dreamed of. These guides can be your mascots, your cheerleaders, and they can help you live the life you have always wanted within, through this fortune-telling avenue.

I am so excited to work with those who feel this is good for them. If not, I wish you all the best on your life journey! If you would like to book a session, please let me know if you would like instant messaging, email, or phone call.

Just send me an email with this information:
• What your name is and date of birth
• What you would like to know (or if you would just like a direct channel without prompt I can do that as well)
• Any other information you wish for me to know

Thank you for your time,

Experience & Qualifications

My background is in acting, voice acting, writing, arts, and customer service. I have dabbled in many things, landing large jobs here and there. You may have heard my voice as the content creator in popular meditation apps like Fitness22! I have listened to my guides who have helped me live my most prosperous life- which they can do for you as well. They do change lives, and I do believe they are here for our highest good imaginable.


Vancouver Film School