About My Services

You can create the realities you seek while surrendering into the Divine Love's capacity to create far more for good for you than you dreamed possible. I help you to build, intend, release, and experience a life of love, prosperity and wellness based on your personal values and dreams. I value love, goodness, generosity, trust, faith with care of self and others including our earth, animals and nature. With deep understanding and good effective tools, we can manifest a wonderful personal universe that generates good to those around us thus emanates healthy vibrancy out to all.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been a reader and coach for people and animals for over a decade. I have a separate business as a therapist for two decades. I lead new age spiritual seminars all over the world for over two decades. I embrace, live, and fully comprehend everything from non-duality to hypnotherapy to DNA possibilities to manifestation to clearing and far more. You name it and most likely I know it well!