About My Services

I have been Wiccan since I was 7 years old, always feeling the call of the magickal world around me and having a deep understanding of nature and the powerful force of source energy. Working specifically with the phases of the moon (no matter the time of day), I am here to offer you powerful spell works and rituals for the greater god of your life and the lives around you. Please no black magick requests.

Experience & Qualifications

Wiccan for almost 30 years, I have been working closely with Mother Nature, The Moon Goddess, and Source Energy to create powerful rituals and spell work for myself and thousands of people around the world. I have brought teachings to both local people new to the Wiccan path, as well as people around the world, through online sources. If you are looking for white or grey magick, I am the witch to help you! Please no black magick inquiries.


Past Life Regression, Priestess, Tarot, Dream Analysis