About My Services

I provide clear, honest answers to your most urgent questions:

"Does he/she love me?"

"Is this person the one for me?"

"Will my lover come back to me?"

I am a master psychic with over 20 years of experience doing tarot and clairvoyant readings. I am an Authentic Santera and Yayi with verifiable initiations and that makes what I do unique, and why my spiritual work/spells work where others have failed to deliver.

As a fourth-generation witch, my spells are powerful

My readings are from the heart. I will only tell you what I see as the truth, regardless if it is what you want to hear or not. At the end of the day I know I have given the best of me in all my readings and spellworks to help you reach your highest good in life.

I want the opportunity to connect with you so I can provide you with compassionate guidance. As part of my training I can tap into the Akashic Records and can tell you amazing things, even about past lifetimes.

I perform my readings by using my gifts of mediumship, clairvoyance, tarot and remote viewing. I am in total sync with my spirit master guides (which includes EDGAR CAYCE) and can powerfully tap into yours.

My predictions are done to the best of my ability and the spellwork I do is simply world class, among the very best!

My specialties include life issues including love relationships, career and finance, past lives, and connecting you to the spiritworld.

I offer more VALUE for your dollar than you will find anywhere on the internet! I will work with you and do everything in my power to make you a happy, satisfied client, and moreso a dearest friend to me.

Love and Much Light, OSE Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at LivePerson

Experience & Qualifications

  • Psychic Reader and Spell Crafter 20 Years
  • Consulted for a Myriad of Psychic Lines
  • High-Number of Repeat Clients
  • Master Spellcrafter

  • You get certain feelings and premonitions about the people close to you.You either have a genuine sixth sense, X-ray vision, or simply a psychological gift for understanding other people! In any case, this is an excellent basis for becoming a psychic. A sixth sense and psychological awareness are both important and handy skills for the future.

  • The occasional feeling that you are traveling without moving physically is a strong sign of being a medium. Your spirit transports you into unexplored territory. This phenomenon externalizes your conscience and is called "astral projection." The soul leaves the body to contact other spiritual entities. This experience is a reality for you. You are without a doubt a medium.

  • You answered all the precognition questions correctly! You were able to identify the correct card, the correct planet, and the correct shape that the experts selected. We conclude that you probably do have a real psychic gift! You seem to see the future more clearly and easily than other people do. Speaking of which, did you ever consider becoming a professional psychic?


  • Bachelor Arts & Sciences in Psychology
  • Initiated Lucumi Priestess
  • Initiated Palo Mayombe Priestess