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Want to increase or promote contact/communication, resolve conflict, promote intimacy, bring fresh new energy to a situation, garner success? Read my reviews on Candle Workings! Non-judgmental, all welcome! Message me for more information or come in and chat with me to see if the process is right for you. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I have studied, nurtured and honed my skills as a talented Master Candle Working expert over years. I have had tremendous results with the candle workings I have written for people. Results have been anything from simple contact to face to face meetings. I have even had clients tell me there was intimacy that happened when it had been emphatically denied by the other party before. Others have had the other party initiate taking trips together. And on one occasion, a client who had been trying for a long time to become pregnant, did a candle working I prepared (her husband also participated in it) and they found themselves pregnant with twins! A candle working is done when someone wants to bring new and fresh energy into a situation and bring another person to realizing the value of a situation so that they will be compelled to initiate action or to bring harmony to a situation. It cleanses any negative energy and replaces it with renewal and hope. It harnesses the energy of the Universe in conjunction with the lunar cycle to promote positive spiritual impacting results. The process allows my clients to regain control over their situation putting them in control rather than being controlled by others.

Experience & Qualifications

Disclaimer: For entertainment purposes only. I will NOT ask for your contact info and you should NOT volunteer it to me. I am NOT a substitute for medical or legal advice which should only be given to you by a licensed practitioner in those areas. I am NOT a licensed medical or legal practitioner.


I have the following additional professional experiences: Bachelors of Education Degree, Certification in Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Extensive training in employment and contract labor laws (I do not have a law degree and I cannot and will not provide you with legal advice.) Extensive community service/charitable and philanthropic experience. Extensive travel experience. Studies and training in White Magic, Spell casting, and various religions.