Karen Jo Knowingangel

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Limited Time Special Price! Questions about the what you are experiencing in your home? smells, sounds, lights, doors closing, radio stations and more~Spirits find ways to communicate-you are not alone! Other Specialties  
About My Services

Have questions about what is going on around you? It's more common than you think. Spirit reaches out to us in many ways, and for many reasons. If you have questions about what is happening around your home, I can help. I've seen spirits/ghosts off and on since I was a small child. As an adult I remember that right after the birth of my son, I was awakened by the sound of drums for several nights in a row. It turned out to be a welcoming to the new addition to the family! Any time you can find out *why* things are happening, you can make a better decision about how to handle the situation the best way. My goal is to help you do that so that you can have more peace and understanding about what you may be experiencing.

Experience & Qualifications

I've been a reiki healer/teacher and intuitive for many years. I'm able to see/hear/feel and sometimes even smell the energies in a situation and have used these abilities to help those that are experiencing things (sounds, seeing "ghosts" having things moved around etc)


HypnoTherapist Certification, Reiki Teacher Certification (as well as many other holistic healing certifications)