About My Services

As the veil between Earth and the other side is thinning, more people are reporting paranormal activity. I do Paranormal Investigations, however, I always use logic and debunk everything first. I've noticed from my investigations that I am a ghost magnet. Some people do attract spirits and my goal is to always get a spirit Earth bound to go home and follow the white light.Some spirits can be demonic, however, most aren't. Some people can't understand how a new house can have ghosts, but they fail to realize that the land has been occupied for hundreds of years. Sometimes a ghost attaches to an object and this is another way that they can be brought in. Small children have the ability to see ghosts more often.

Experience & Qualifications

I inherited the gift of being psychic and observing paranormal activity from my Grandmother, who was born in 1904 in the Ukraine. My father also had the gift and encountered paranormal activity. I started doing my own paranormal investigations in 2007. I have captured EVPs, apparitions, orbs,ghosts,and unexplainable sounds on video. I have the ability to protect myself and know how to ward off evil. I have many of these videos on https://youtube.com/mia0899cs.