About My Services

I actually tell these Earth bound spirits/ghosts that they are dead and they should follow the white light and go home. I videotape my experiences and capture ghosts and EVPs. I also have other techniques to help people who encounter paranormal activity in their homes. Sometimes, an object or something that a spirit is attached to can enter someone's home. Even if the home is new, it often is built on a property that someone was attached to. I have recently been to Devil's Tower in NJ, Constitution Dr. in Allentown, PA, Ghost Mountain in PA, Funks Mill Rd, PA, and Hexenkoph Rd(Witch's Head)in PA. I always seem to capture a lot of paranormal activity. I do want a team that is serious and spiritual enough to assist me regularly and hopefully do documentaries on TV.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been doing Paranormal Investigations for years and for some reason these spirits are attracted to me. I do them no harm and I only want them to go home. Some entities are just evil, but I have enough faith that I can get them to leave. I have helped people that I didn't know get rid of these entities and spirits. Some were brought in from Ouija boards, others just are attracted to something or someone house was built on an area that someone was attached to. I have studied how to get rid of unwanted entities sometimes it's just as easy as burning sage. I use my psychic ability as well to determine what has caused this paranormal activity.


Licensed RN with a BSN I worked in many facilities that were definitely haunted.