About My Services

Spirits can attach to an object and can be brought into your home that way. They can also be attached to the land where your house is built, therefore, new houses aren't exempt. Portals may be opened. I can tell you how to close them. Spirits can be demons in disguise. They will use trickery by sounding like a small child or even coming through as a deceased loved one. They need to go and I can help you to get rid of them. They can also control your moods. You may feel angry, agitated or depressed. You might see this in a loved one. Right now the veil between the spirit and physical dimensions is diminishing and this is why so many people are experiencing paranormal activity. If you see shadows, these are often shadow ghosts and they are evil. They never were born and never lived. They are demons. I will explain how to do a cleansing and how to get rid of them including closing portals. Please never mess with an ouija board as this opens portals which is like keeping your door open for anyone to come in. I am psychic and I can also tell you how these spirits merged into your life. Their energy can be attached to an antique or something that was previously owned and was brought into your house. You may have been given a gift from someone who cursed you or is jealous of you.

Experience & Qualifications

I inherited the gift to feel spirits. As a small child I was often afraid to see ghosts. However, they sought me out. 12 years ago is when I had my first encounter with a demonic spirit which literally jumped on my body and woke me up. I was extremely frightened and needed to find answers. On my journey I decided to visit places known to have paranormal activity. I became spiritually strong and took control of the situation. On my paranormal investigations I captured EVPs or electronic voice phenomena, apparitions, shadow ghosts, orbs, and demons on video. I joined Philadelphia Paranormal Group in 2011 and continue to lead my own investigations. I truly believe I am a ghost magnet. It doesn't scare me anymore and I know from my experiences that I can help others deal with their paranormal phenomenon.


BSN, Philadelphia Paranormal Group