About My Services

Since I was a small child, I have had the gift of seeing spirits. This powerful gift, dropped me into the paranormal world with the ability to work with people like Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters!!! I have been a guest speaker at "Para-Cons" around the USA, on countless paranormal radio shows, and thousands of paranormal investigations! If you are having a paranormal experience, you are at the right place for guidance!

Experience & Qualifications

As a long time paranormal investigator, I have been doing professional paranormal investigations, radio shows, and events around the USA, for over a decade! Besides my natural born gift to see spirits, since a small child, I have also studied demonology, angels, the ether, and more! I have worked as a guest speaker at paranormal investigation events and para-cons around the USA and the UK. I have been a host on paranormal radio shows around the world, as well as hosted a paranormal radio show, speaking to the worlds top paranormal investigators, for about a year. I have had the privilege of working with some of the worlds top paranormal investigators, such as Grant Wilson, and many others!


Past Life Regression & Priestess