About My Services

Tarot readings a fun and powerful way to experience what the spirits and guides have to share and say to us! Each reading will give you the opportunity to explore which cards are being pulled for you and what their messages are for you. With a tarot reading, you will receive channeled and intuitive information through one of two tarot decks; The Moon Tarot The Wild Unknown Tarot! Choose Your Deck!

Experience & Qualifications

I have been reading tarot with The Wild Unknown Tarot and The Moon Deck Tarot, world wide, bringing guidance, insight, and answers to those seeking honest, raw direction through my personal business with clients around the world, and for friends and family. My lessons with Tarot came through spirit, not through the lessons of a book, so if my readings are slightly different in anyway, it's because I follow the spirit in the messages that they have through the readings of Tarot. Get your tarot reading today and see what the cards have to say for you!


Past Life Regression & Priestess