About My Services

Spiritual Advisor As your PERSONAL PROPHECY is revealed through my fifth generation CLAIRVOYANT and PSYCHIC talent, I will tell you what can and will be. I am known for ACCURACY and TIMELINESS. As a SPIRITUAL ADVISOR, my insight is for those who believe there is a higher power waiting to be respected, acknowledged and asked for assistance. With God's grace, and my intervention, you WILL find LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS in ALL aspects of your life. With over 26 years of EXPERIENCE, LET ME HELP YOU NOW. I am published internationally on the subjects of Reincarnation/Wicca, African Magic, Voodoo Love and Money Magic under the pen names of Lark Eden and Eve Hawthorne. I am fully initiated in the European, African and Egyptian systems of magic. Licensed Psychic/Clairvoyant. YOU WILL FEEL PEACE after speaking with me. The PROOF is in YOUR experience. CALL ME NOW. BLESSINGS TO YOU KADOSH...KADOSH...KADOSH! ADONAI TSEBAOTH! AMEN

Experience & Qualifications

From England to Africa, I have advised 1000s of the WORLD'S MOST PROMINANT FIGURES. I have been a professional Psychic and Practicioner for over 30 years and combine my EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and CLAIRVOYANCE to bring you the most Accurate, Honest Guidance for your situation. I am INTERNATIONALY PUBLISHED on Reincarnation, Magic, Past Lives, Psychic Experience, Romance and more, under the name Lark Eden. DISCLAIMER: You must be at least 18 years of age. Your reading will in no way constitute medical diagnosis OR treatment of any illness: mental or physical. I AM NOT a Medical Dr. or a Lawyer. Any answer regarding law or health is strictly my opinion. I am not responsible for the outcome of any choices that you have made or make as the result of your Reading(s). This reading is strictly for entertainment purposes. All purchases are non refundable.


Collaborating on a Biography with fellow Psychic Tisha Bibb to be profiled in 2004 on OPRAH. I type over 100 wpm and will not waste your time. Recognized Tarot Master, designed and interpreted Tarot Decks for Publication. Expert in Soul Mate and Twin Flame Connections, Love Connections,Cheating & Divorce.