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My readings are given in honesty and truth. I do time frames if they show and give you direction on how to deal with what is ahead.
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I have been reading on Kasamba for 11 years and reading professionally for 25. I believe that we can change what is happening in our life if we are given the right guidance and tools. Although born with the gift of psychic vision my main tools are the Tarot and Numerology which I believe shows the essensce of you and you alone. I do not sugar coat but am compassionate. All paths are different and you will be treated with utmost respect for your uniqueness and whatever is challenging your life today...Blessings to you...Call me

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Psychic*Numerologist Astrologer and Intuitive Tarot reader Reiki Master and practicing Reiki Healer. NZ Diplomas in Counseling with over 25 years experience in this field.Psychic Development facilitator with on line courses available. I also teach the tarot


New Zealand Diploma in Counselling Master Karuna Reiki Healer.Numerologist and Qualified Tarot reader and teacher