About My Services

Guten Tag! My name is Donna, and I am a German-born Psychic. True to my heritage I am very big-hearted, but you can also expect me to be very sensible and straight-forward. My aim is to be compassionate, but to also deliver information with the honesty that you need and deserve.
I come from an old family line of psychics, but was not allowed to speak about it to others due to being raised in the catholic religion. I started having experiences and encounters at the age of six, and fortunately my grand-uncle became someone who kept me safe from being discovered and taken to a convent ( like my aunt). My uncle also provided me with support, and a safe person to confide in.
By the age of twenty-five I truly had grown into, and recognized the scope of my abilities. I discovered that my gifts were a unique way to help people, and began my journey as a professional reader. I am able to hear, smell, feel.....and can also pick-up on timelines ( when the Universe gives them to me).
In 2000 I moved to the United States, and have continued to pursue my career in guiding people through readings. My "door" is always open to anyone who needs help!

Experience & Qualifications

I am experienced with 40 years + of working with people in the area of love and life. I walk a spiritual path daily to always understand the true spirituality of love and the importance of the soul being committed to another. Where life sometimes will give you many options on what paths to walk I can ensure you that I can put you on the right path. Through prayer, meditation and my insight you will view life in a way you did not think possible. I will not lie or sugar coat any thing. I will tell you what I see. Come to me for guidance and readings and get the truth about your love and relationship.


** Please note, though my English and writing/ typing abilities are very strong, during live chat sessions you will notice a little difference in my syntax, and the way that I word things. If we speak on the phone, you will hear my German accent. However, I am still very easy to understand, as can be seen in my ratings!