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Your current problems in this lifetime often stem from a Past Lifetime and this unfinished business has to get resolved to have the future you desire. You have incarnated many times, however, there is a particular past lifetime that is creating these current problems. These are imprints from the past and you must let them go. As I identify your past lifetime you will be able to live your current life in harmony with happiness and prosperity. Sometimes it is a Karmic Relationship that you are currently in and you and your partner separated quite tragically in the past. You may have been an orphan and now you have fear of abandonment. You may have been persecuted for your beliefs or you may have problems with finances as money was part of a communal system. This causes you guilt to make money. I can see your past lifetime as a clairvoyant. Let me help you reach your highest potential in this lifetime and help you to settle past lifetimes. You don't have to be lonely in this lifetime just because you died lonely in a past lifetime. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to have your health and prosperity. I will help you let go of the past. Other Specialties  
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I can connect with your past lifetimes as I am a clairvoyant and I have the gift to see what happened in that lifetime. I can also use my psychic abilities along with Past Life Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. I provide a detailed psychic reading by phone, chat or by email. I do not sugarcoat my readings and you will understand esoteric spiritual truths. I am a world renowned psychic and I have helped so many people and I want to help you as well. I offer clarification for free after a reading so you will not leave questioning anything. I am an empath and a sensitive so I can connect with the emotions of anyone that you have questions about. e.g. love relationship DISCLAIMER- Must be 18 years old Readings do not substitute Medical Advice by a Licensed Medical Doctor

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