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Things were always a bit strange growing up with psychic ability. From a very young age I've always just sort of knew some things and never had a valid source for the information. At around 8 years old, I'd met a distant cousin for the first time on a trip out to the west coast. My mom asked me how it went and I said it was great, but that I really hoped we'd be able to make her wedding in two summers. Apparently this upcoming wedding was news to my mom, my aunt and also my cousin! But sure enough she met a great guy shortly after and they got married about a year and a half later in July. Since then I've learned to focus my gift to help others instead of simply tipping off my family members with good news.

As an empathic, intuitive psychic, it's always exciting to connect with new people and places. Through pictures on ReadMyPic there is always so much more going on than just what meets the eye. I've been able to share my gifts with many others since expanding my services online many years ago. I can't promise that I'll tell you simply what you want to hear. That might make you feel good for the short term but won't help much in the long run. What I can promise is to relay the messages I get, good or bad, and tell you what it is that you need to hear. The Universe has a lot of messages for all of us and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been providing readings since 1988. I've been doing readings online since the mid 90s and have been on Kasamba since 2003. My ratings an reviews speak for themselves. Thankfully I've had wonderful clients who have been with me for over a decade here.


I have a BS in a totally unrelated field. I worked hard for it so thought I'd tell you about it.