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Picture Readings



** NEW on Kasamba ** Hello there my name is ann let me give you some information and clarity as to picture readings! Other Specialties  
About My Services

A picture can say a thousand words through my ability I can tap into energies around once photograph being able to give you insight and clarity as to what's happening with that person. It's truly an awesome way to get a reading

Experience & Qualifications

I I have helped so many people with image work giving information and clarity as to the person they are choosing to seek answers on through a photograph there is much amazing energy in a photograph! There is many different energies in a photo craft let me guide you and give you information as to what they want to tell you.


Photograph are amazing! They can truly give you a lot of insight and clarity as to what's going on in one's image! I have the ability to tap into those areas give me a try!