About My Services

I can read someone by their picture. If there's a question and I see the person I can tell right away what they are thinking. I can see their eyes which I feel is a window to one's soul. I am honest with whatever I see. So, if you want the truth, please hire me.

Experience & Qualifications

I have a gift from God and I have read people for about 20 yrs. I donate a % of the money I receive to help children and people in need. I have been spiritual my entire life and read so many books on spirituality. As for religion I was Baptised Catholic and was confirmed at a Lutheran Church and when I was 12 I received my first Holy communion. I just never found the answers I was looking for. I read the Gnostic Gospels from the Nag Hammadi Library which is right on the internet and the Gospel of St. Thomas just hit home. I am high in speed typing which is how I get messages from God or a higher being. I have performed Progressive Relaxation Meditation on patients and the staff on a Psychiatric Locked Unit when I did my preceptorship as an RN. I earned my BSN which is a 4 yr. degree at a prestigious college. I worked as an RN Hospice Case Manager for 1 yr. and started to write a book on Hospice. As I controlled physical symptoms, I also did spiritual work on patients who were dying as well as the family members. We considered dying a celebration of life which means that we focus on the time we have left and cherish every day. I never discouraged hope as I told the whole family unit that I am not God and there could be a cure tomorrow. I had a foundation as I lost my parents 11 months apart. When my mom died my son was only 6 wks old. I think life experience is the best experience for spiritual development. I would keep a dream journal by my side and I predicted my father's demise. I had the dream in 12/98 and he died 10/12/99. I told my father, but sometimes things are meant to be. I believe it was his time to go because he survived the massive heart attack, but the operation went bad and it was only a 2% chance that he would die. Plaque probably broke off and went to his brain and he had a major stroke. This is the hospital that I graduated from.


I am currently licensed as an RN and I have a BSN. However, I have always used my psychic abilities in any capacity of nursing. I could just look at someone and feel there is something different going on with them and it has saved their life.