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Aura Reading



I was born with the gift of being psychic and I am clairvoyant, sensitive and an empath and I can connect with someone's emotions, how they are feeling, if they have negative energy or a dark aura. I do aura/energy cleansings as well. I will never sugarcoat my readings and you will know the truth. I connect fast to the situation. You will understand hidden spiritual truths. I will tell you if dark or negative energy is around you and I will cleanse you with the power of God. I use several techniques including white sage. I am here to help you on your journey. I can tell what is behind someone's energy and what it has to do with. I can see their insecurities, fears, and how they really feel about you. I am for real and I pick up on very specific things. I also get internal clairaudience and it's a voice that I hear when I am reading for you. This is the Divine guiding me. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am a psychic/sensitive and I connect by being clairvoyant. I offer detailed email readings with clarification and I'm also available by phone or live chat. I am an expert in relationships, finance, careers, reaching beyond, paranormal, ghosts, haunting, and Law of Attraction. My readings are detailed. My reviews are for real and I am the real deal. DISCLAIMER- Must be 18 years old Readings do not substitute Medical Advice by a Licensed Medical Doctor

Experience & Qualifications

I was born with this gift and I have been doing psychic readings over 30 years and have been a psychic on LivePerson/Kasamba for 7 years. I have been on many paranormal investigations and as a sensitive I can feel spirits and captured EVPs, apparitions and demons on video. My reviews are for real and I never ask anyone to give me a review. I know when I receive positive reviews that I am doing my mission helping others. I host a blogtalk radio psychic/spirituality program under Psychic Mia0899cs. I teach Universal Law of Attraction and awakening your own psychic abilities and spirituality. I make psychic videos about the economy, predicted ebola/other viruses coming to the USA, and impending natural disasters. Licensed as RN, BSN worked as a Hospice Case Manager, Psychiatric Nurse, RN Case Manager Nursing Home/Rehab and saved patients using my psychic gift.


I am also a licensed RN, BSN. I am a RN Psychic so I can also see illnesses and have saved peoples' lives. I am a Paranormal Investigator and currently writing a book on my ghost adventures. I do Life Coaching, and teach spirituality on blog talk radio. I am a Youtube Partner and share my psychic visions with the world. I have a paranormal playlist and some footage will be airing soon on the History Channel, "True Monsters" in October.