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AURA READER & CONSULTANT...Due to our tough economic time's,I am offering a special rate,2 free email session's with every first session of $20.00 or or more.. ****** With over 30 years of experience in the Psychic World,I can offer a great deal of Insight into your questions.I am a remote Viewer,and a Intuitive Seer.There you are on life's journey,& suddenly in front of you are Obstacles,& now you are in need of GUIDANCE,DIRECTION,& INSIGHT!Call now for" STRAIGHT FORWARD",Advice on how to remove such Obstacles,such as Confusion,Bad Karma,Evil Eye,Jealousy for others,& any other issues that you might be facing.Perhaps you are in need of an AURA CLEANSING, or Some Positive Reinforcement! I am here to assist(not judge) you through the difficulties you might be experiencing at this point in your life!There is no question too Complex or too Simple.If you have the Desire to open New Possibilities,to Center Yourself,or are Simply Seeking Truth & Knowledge,this the time to call.Discover what COLOR your AURA is.Is it CLOUDY,DIM,FULL OF IMPURITIES,or is it CRYSTAL CLEAR,FULL OF LIFE & RADIANT COLOR? Your AURA can say a lot about you without you even realizing it.Or perhaps you need to balance YOUR CHAKRAS,are they UNDER-ACTIVE or OVER-ACTIVE,find out what state your "CHAKRAS" are in!!!Are you Nervous,Emotional,Agressive,Passive,Distant.Do you Fantasize,or are you Confused? One reading can tell you exactly where your Chakra is  at this time in your life.Are you under the influence of BAD KARMA?Perhaps you need to have all the Impurtivies Removed from your surroundings so they dont cloud your Aura and prevent your Inner Core from being Balanced.I would like to make this experience as Informative and enlightening as possible,and you do play a big role in it.I simply ask that you enter all sessions with an Open and Receptive Mind and a Positive Attitude.My Readings are Direct & to the Point.I can give you Advice Insight,& Guidance,but in the end YOU are Responsible for your Own Actions & Decisions.....At the end of each session,I do suggest that you leave your opinion of the reading,any feedback is welcomed,,,,thank you...  LOVE**HAPPINESS**RELATIONSHIPS**MONEY**BUSINESS**CAREER**NEGATIVE ENERGY REMOVAL**SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPS**SELF EMPROVEMENT**MEDITATION**AURA CLEANSING**BAD KARMA**EVIL EYE**CHAKRA BALANCING **INDIAN LOVE SPELLSWhat Color Is Your Aura

Experience & Qualifications

I AM THE GRAND DAUGHTER OF AN GENUINE INDIAN SHAMAN.I WAS BORN WITH THE ABILTY AS A PSYCHIC, ACURATE AND VERY DETAILED. I'LL GIVE YOU ANSWERS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. I HAVE OWNED MY PSYCHIC SHOPS IN THE TRI STATE AREA. I HAVE MANY CLIENTS THAT I'VE GUIDED THROUGH TOUGH TIMES AND NOW ARE HAPPY. DONT HESITATE CALL NOW ..At times you may see a bad or a negative review left for me by some people,this is just because they are not happy souls & very negative people to begin with.But I do wish the the best!I am here for one reason only,& that is to insure that all my clients recieve a professional & accurate reading.I am here to help & guide all who need my asstiance.I look foward to hearing from you... . Please take a few minutes to leave some feedback,thank you Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at Kasamba


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