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Aura Reading



3rd generation Male Psychic . Compassionate but blunt . I see your Aura at the true soul level and can assist you with psychic insights into any matter
About My Services

In the Spirit realm there is a Universal mind. As a clairvoyant I am able to tap into this Universal mind and assist you with your questions and your quests. As you speak with me I am in tune with the Spirit and thus able to provide you with the answers that you seek. Through my gifts I am able to interpret your questions and guide you to the correct path. When you seek the help of the Spirit you will find that the path of your choice is one of light and wisdom. As I listen to your voice, the Spirit speaks to me and connects me to your past and shows me your future. If you will trust the Spirit as it speaks through me, you will be shown the way to find a happy, healthy state and you will begin to attract only the positive to your life. I will help guide you to the path of light and navigate the maze of possibilities that is life. I am a clairvoyant and empath. MY path to the light of wisdom and perfection is simple; I am to help all those who seek my advice. You may trust your inner most thoughts to me. I will be the conduit through which answers about money, love, life, family, job will flow. Together we will change your life for the better.

Experience & Qualifications

In the past seventeen years I have come to be the most trusted male psychic in the psychic community. I connect to the Spirit through your voice and with the aid of other tools made known to me in my life as a psychic. I am descended from three generations of light workers who have passed on their talents and continue to aid me from the Spirit realm. I am pleased to say that I have an excellent rating on this site as well as a large repeat call back following. Although I am often blunt and direct with my words, it is because I feel you deserve the truth as sent from the Spirit realm and not a script of words that might fit anyone. Whether I read for you only once or on a repeat basis, the words I say will be meant only for your ears. I have the honor of reading for people from all walks of life, including other psychics. If you wish to request a special type of reading: palmistry, Visage or face reading (by photo) or Tarot, I am also adept at these


over 16 years experience