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** NEW on Kasamba ** Tarot/Oracle reading,Reiki sessions and teaching, Energy work, Aura cleanses, Hypnotherapy,Intuitive crystal healing, Palmistry, Pendulum, Runes, and more. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I utilize a plethora of tools including my intuition and divine information from my Divine Creator. I view each tarot reading as a 3 way communication between myself, the querent(you) and my Creator. I can answer any inquiry whether it be romance or career or family etc. I can answer yes/no questions using my intuition and pendulum through muscle kinesiology. I am a Reiki Master and that allows me to clear energy blockages and dissonant or negative energy and attachments no matter the distance between us. I can do aura cleanses via distantly leaving you feeling much better, clearer, and refreshed after a session. On the phone I offer hypnotherapy and that includes aversion therapy to stop bad habits and past life regressions. I make use of crystals alot and am an intuitive crystal healer. I am able to cleanse and bless homes, vehicles, work places etc. and can offer advice and suggestions on how to get started creating your very own sacred space. I use palm reading to liberate you from certain personality quirks and quandaries. Also I point you in the right direction as far as where you will excel and where to focus your energies. I do a number of different card readings including a native american oracle deck which provides time tested advice and accuracy as well as in depth 4 part readings on main issue and how to proceed. I can offer solid advice on any topic of your choosing and I promise I will do my utmost best to help in any situation.

Experience & Qualifications

Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Tarot Master - Clairvoyance started at age 8 I have performed countless energy work sessions and for my regular clients I offer a complimentary tarot or oracle reading. I consult with different clients about specific issues and make them custom wire wrapped crystal jewelry for them to assist with certain issues mostly blocked chakras or self empowerment. In the past I would post on certain forums for free or reduced readings and energy work for those who could not afford the regular price. I used a pendulum to determine the gender of both of my children before they were born. I studied hypnotherapy extensively under a charter school and the training was rigorous and for months I did this and am happy to say I am now a certified hypnotherapist. I can help with discovering your innate gifts and talents and developing your own intuition. I am all about self- empowerment so my goal is to get you to the point where you only need to speak with me every so often. I can teach reiki and attune via distantly using my own curriculum Ive developed and provide you with certification. Please allow me to help you live your best life!


Registered Nurse (AAS), Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist,Tarot Master