About My Services

I provide distant aura cleanses and energy work that result in palpable and often times immediate release from negative thought loops, entities, energies, etc. I then provide instruction and suggestions on how to further your healing on your own time. I have loved the earth and especially loved crystals for as long as my memory serves me. I use them regularly in my Reiki sessions and on myself, my children, and my home. I make custom wire wrapped pieces for my clients and custom home cleansing kits. I have read extensively on crystals and their various properties and uses. I consider myself very knowledgeable in this area and its one of my favorites to work with.

Experience & Qualifications

Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Tarot Master - Clairvoyance started at age 8 I have a number of regular clients who come to me for readings and energy work. My knowledge of anatomy and physiology bring an added level of accuracy and specificity to my energy work. I regularly practice distance healing with another Reiki Master in Japan thus increasing my efficacy no matter the distance between us. He and I regularly discuss crystals and their uses. I have my own home gridded and my childrens room gridded. My daughter was suffering horrendous nightmares and after research and acquiring the needed materials I made her a special anti-nightmare/added peace/ tranquility mix of crystals and anointed them with specific essential oils and some reiki energy and voila! nightmares gone! She now sleeps peacefully through the night.


Registered Nurse (AAS), Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist,Tarot Master