About My Services

I have been blessed with my psychic abilities since birth and feel honored to bring my accurate guidance to you today. Along with my psychic abilities, I often use tarot cards, numerology, and healing energies to assist you in understanding your choices and life challenges. Through my ongoing spiritual growth, I bring deep insights and channeled answers to my readings that answer life’s questions. Whatever your particular journey may be, I will always answer each question honestly and with as much accuracy as I am given by spirit. I have a high accuracy rate when I work in tandem with Spirit but you be the judge and experience my work for yourself. All I ask that you come to me with an open mind and allow time for my information to sink in. I believe we all have a higher purpose in this life and we shape our destinies by the choices and actions we take. Let’s discover the paths before you and help build your best future!

Experience & Qualifications

For 18 years I have been training to use my spiritual gift with tarot cards,a crystal ball, runes, in order to give a in depth reading. this allows me you see deeper into your past present, and future. waiting to answer your questions


I have worked with crystals, tarot cards, runes. for 17 years so that I may perfect my readings