About My Services

My psychic guidance sessions are fast, detailed, and done with natural gifts that I have honed since childhood. I jump straight-in with confidence, and there is no wait for pulling-up charts, meditating etc.. The insight that I provide flows, and does not contain vague, cryptic responses, or reciting generic card meanings---but rather, straight-up insight and real answers. I am honest. I care. I am here to truly help people, so please be prepared that I will not spin temporary feel-good fairy tales. I do my best to provide a complete picture of situations, thus I cover both the good and "bad" aspects (since that is what truly helps people). I may be psychic, but I am also very educated and pragmatic---so I do not present spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Clients receive a great deal of information even in short sessions with me. I promise that I am very aware of time and expenses, and do my best to optimize both.

My name is Delaney, and I am a classical/opera singer and college graduate who loves everything associated with the arts...however I also have gifts that go beyond those of an artistic nature. Decoding relationships is my specialty. I have a strong empathic gift (as well as a little telepathy) that allows me to “peek” into people to discover how they feel and view things. I essentially “interpret” internal languages, and dissect layers of consciousness—-which provides crucial insights and answers that aid in determining the source of relationship complications, as well as solutions and outcomes. Understanding how your partner views and processes things can be key in improving communication, and how things are approached.
In addition to empathy, I am also clairvoyant and intuitive, and can assist with most life situations and topic areas. When I focus on people and situations, it is almost like being handed a book—information and impressions quickly flow into my head very much like reading, and flipping through pages. I am fast, detailed, and do my best to explain the reason behind things. You can expect honesty with what I see in situations (because it is far better to prepare people for complications), and I am also non-judgmental.

I utilize natural gifts that I have honed since childhood, and jump-in quickly with confidence. I only ask for first names, and your main questions (again, it is like being handed a book, so it helps to know what “chapter” to focus on). The information that I provide flows, and is in-depth— you do not have to worry about brief or vague responses.

I sincerely care for my clients, and want to see them achieve happy relationships and lives. My role is to provide you with insights and guidance that can assist you with your choices, and help you to accomplish positive, healthy outcomes. You do not have to fumble blindly through the dark alone.

Experience & Qualifications

*I have provided professional psychic/ advisor services since 1996.
*Kasamba/Liveperson--Psychic Expert on-site since 2005. High 4.98 Star rating average.
*Angelsplay--Former Psychic forum (2000-2001). I was tested, and performed public/ chat room reading sessions.
*Childfinders--Organization of volunteer intuitives that assisted in child abduction cases and studies done on using psychics in crime solving.
*College Graduate--Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communications. Music Minor.


** Frequently Asked Questions About Readings.** __________________________________________________________________________ *Will you only tell me what I want to hear?*---- I tell people honestly what I see in the situation. The problem with telling people what they want to hear, is that maybe for a short time it will make them feel happy, but in the long run it can leave a person going in the wrong direction or holding on to something that does not exist--which can cause that person a lot of grief, and cost them time and energy that could have been spent finding something that truly would make them happy. ________________________________________________________________________ *Can you read on future things? Will you tell me when they will happen?*----- I can do readings on future circumstances, as well as present and past. I also can provide time-lines for when things should happen. I estimate length of time much like judging the length of a piece of ribbon. I go from the present point and feel outwards along the "thread" to when the event will occur. Clients report all the time about my time lines having been accurate. __________________________________________________________________________ * Do you need a lot of personal info to do readings?*---- No. I generally start with asking only for first names and main questions. Think of your life as being a really huge book, and there is only a limited time to read it. It helps to have a "chapter" to focus on rather then the whole thing at once. ______________________________________________________________________ *What is Free Will*--- Free will means that our lives are based off of the choices we make...and yes, impacted by the choices and actions of others as well. Nothing is ever truly set into stone or only has a single outcome. This means that much of what we make of our lives and how we view things is in our own control. web analytics