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Psychic Mediums



This session involves a cooperating effort between myself, as the medium (and channel), and a person in Spirit (the communicator). This is one of the most exciting services I have the privilege of offering! It is so touching and heart-warming when messages are directed to you from important people who have passed. This session can also channel you spirit guides for messages. What does this mean? This means I am able to tell you how your guides impulse you, what they “look like” and their role in guiding you. It is an honor for me to channel for you and to be your medium in this unique experience! Other Specialties  
About My Services

When you come into a session to channel messages from those who have passed, bring both your questions and…tissues! You will be touched when hearing messages conveyed that only you know about! Any range of questions can be asked or, simply, you can ask whether these loved ones – or any number of famous people – have specific messages for you! You may want to also consider in learning about your Spirit Guide Team: How many are there? Are they all positive influences? What energetic root do they have and how can they help you? Let’s answer these questions together!

Experience & Qualifications

My clairaudience abilities, first and foremost, allow me to “hear” these messages. At times, different forms of automatic writing – actually seeing words spelled out on paper – give me messages to relay to you. You’ve heard the expression “to see the writing on the wall”. Well this is precisely how my messages are sought, in writing! Being able to actually read psychic messages puts me in a privileged position to help you receive these precious messages. Allow me to use my psychic abilities to advise you in the best possible way.


Ph.D., R.M. (Registered Metaphysicist), Certified Akashic Records Reader, Clinical Hypnotist, Past Life Regressionist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Reiki Master