About My Services

Hello, and welcome to this page for Mediumship through Alamay.

I am a channeler, and through channeling I have access to a variety of Mediumship skills. Please refer to the list below for the services you can receive on this page:
• How to access your own medium skills (I can only do this if I get the "go ahead" from my own guides. They do not agree to teach everyone.)
• Contact to the dead. Closure by conversations. Find out what happened to them emotionally
• Healing of negative energy around you
• Identification of curses or ancestral wounds stuck onto you, that you wish to have removed
• Using mediumship to develop peace and prosperity in your own life

I cannot answer every question that people ask me, as I'm limited to what my guides answer. They will ALWAYS answer questions that help heal you, pull you into a positive mental state, and bring you happiness. They may not answer questions that will only continue a negative pattern into depression, darkness, and deeper despair.

If you have questions about whether we are a good fit to work together, just send me an email with these questions:
• What are you looking to know?
• Are you knowledgeable of channeling sessions, do you have experience with them?
• What is your name and date of birth?


Experience & Qualifications

I have been doing medium readings since a child. I believe anyone can do it, however I happened to have a life that was unusual and brought out the skills earlier. Since then I have dabbled in many of the arts until finally doing readings and spiritual sessions for people full time. These are healing, deep, and powerful sessions that are not recommended for everyone. Who they are right for though, they really help.


Vancouver Film School