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Are you sick of your personal issues? Do you want to know the real status of present relationship? Financial issues? An honest, experienced and reliable Expert with Meditation Powers. A deep insight into your love life. Amazing details & wonderful support. Fully trust me & soothe your mind and soul with my great Powers. Other Specialties  
About My Services

My Meditation Powers are here to help and support you in the dominating issues of your life. You will be very satisfied and happy after my great reading. Your life issues have entangled you all around? No tension, please. Get the support of my Meditation. These Powers are really very amazing and interesting. It is really a great way to discover new horizons of your life. My psychic gifts have been inherited to me from my ancestors. I give an accurate, fast, direct answers and time frames in my readings. I give an awesome, wonderful, truthful and honest insight and clarity in all matters and problems. I will be honest and frank with you during my reading. Hence, if you need the truth and reality, then I am here to provide it to you. Please, contact me with full confidence, seriousness and frankness. You can trust my all statements. ***** Introduction to my services ***** Frankly speaking, I am a god-gifted spiritual healer. The people who are badly affected by any social, moral, financial or personal problems, who want to really get rid of all these issues, just give me one call. With the help of my psychic powers, I will destroy your problems before they destroy you. Thus, you will enjoy a pleasant life, full of happiness, peace, love and prosperity, like millions of people on the chest of Mother Nature. Furthermore, I use my 3rd eye for the solution of all your issues. Now, join me in my private room and get clarity, solution and mental emancipation. My 3rd eye is really very effective in different fields like love, relationships, soul-mate, mind, heart, career, business, re-location, spiritualism, meditation and dream reading. ***** My wonderful abilities ***** (1) natural born psychic (2) dream reader (3) spiritual healer (4) mind reader (5) heart reader (6) love reader (7) relationship issues (8) soulmate connection (9) lesbians /gay (10) career/business (11) pregnancy problems (12) spiritual chanting (13) sex therapist (14) sexologist (15) herbal medicines etc. ***** No sugar-coated response ***** Honestly speaking, I will give you an accurate, honest and truthful detailed reading. Only one call will change and improve your life. I am here to help and support you in the dominating and complicated issues of your life. If you feel any confusion, I have clarity for you. I am thoroughly a gentleman. I strongly believe in honesty, hard work and professionalism. Hence, you can trust me for the solution of confusing problems of your personal life. I am also an Expert in psychological issues like tension, depression, frustration. You can contact me for your spiritual development, as well. Stop wondering about different issues of your life. I am sitting here to help you. My guideline will show you the right path and direction, leading to a successful, happy and excited life. Give me a chance to re-fresh and re-polish your life.

Experience & Qualifications

My experience is more than 20 years in the mentioned fields. Therefore, you can trust my abilities and psychic powers. I will make your life easy-going and comfortable. I am a natural born psychic with extra gifted abilities. I am here to help and guide you in the pressing problems of your life. You can ask about all your personal issues from me. I am very good psychic as well as keen observer. I will tell you about the questions, burning in your mind. I can also tell you about your love life, about your present, past and future lives and many more. If you are worried about your boyfriend/girlfriend, if you need to know about the secret matters of life, if you wish to know the heart feelings of other persons, if you want to know about your business, career, re-location and finance; then I am here to assist you in the best possible way. ***** My fields of specialization ***** Love & relationship, Psychic Reading, Break-ups, Cheating & Affairs, Marriage & Divorce issues, Parents & Children, Business & Finance, Sex Issues, Pregnancy, Penile Dysfunctioning, Weak Libido, Face Reading, Reunions, Sex & Intimacy, Dream Reading, Tension and Depression. ***** I provide answers to the following questions ***** (1) When will he/she marry with you? (2) Does she/he think about you? (3) What is in his/her heart for you? (4) Can I trust on my soul-mate or partner? (5) When will I get pregnant? (6) Is he/she good or bad for you? (7) Has he/she sweet feelings for you? (8) Where is your life going to? (9) What is the best for you? (10) Is he/she sincere with you? (11) When will I get my job? (12) When will my fate change? (13) What is my destiny? (14) Will he/she come back to me? (15) When will my finances get better? ***** A natural born psychic reader ***** As a matter of fact, I am a natural born psychic. I had my first psychic experiment, when I was a school- boy. Since then, I started reading for many people around me and made a lot of prediction which came true. As I got older, my power grew stronger. God bless me with many abilities to help others around the world. These abilities enable me to connect with my guardian angels and spirit guides to give clear and accurate information about life matters. Such as: personal life issues, career, health, divorce, jobs etc. I am a medium, clairvoyant, healing, remote viewing. I don't use any tools. I am the real deal. Don't be afraid take the first step to find out what's in the store for you. You will be amazed and thrilled by your very first reading. Remember, love is a combination of two souls. ***************************************************************************************************** SOME FAMOUS QUOTATIONS, REALLY BENEFICIAL IN YOUR PRACTICAL LIFE:--- (1) Not failure but low aim is a crime. (2) Sin and sorrow cannot be separated. (3) Learning refines and elevates the mind. (4) Modesty has more charms than beauty. (5) Law-makers should not be law-breakers. (6) Beggars should not be choosers. (7) A woman's strength is in her tongue. (8) An empty purse is a heavy curse. (9) A good servant makes a good master. (10) Solitude is at times the best society. (11) The big fish swim near the bottom. (12) Dining is the soul of diplomacy. (13) When diplomacy fails, war is inevitable. (14) A good lather is half a shave. (15) When the cat is away, the mice will play. (16) Uneasiness lies the head that wears the crown. (17) You will have to break the egg to make an omelette. (18) It is no wise to live in Rome and to fight with the Pope. (19) The lesson we learn from history is we do not learn from history. (20) Those who live in glass-houses should not throw stones at others.


(1) God-gifted and Born Psychic (2) Spiritual and Emotional Healer (3) Life Counselor and Love Coach (4) CSSP Exams Qualified (5) PMS Exams Qualified (6) M.Sc. in Biological Sciences from an ancient and well-reputed State University (7) B.Sc. in Natural Sciences from the same Univ (8) Attended different Seminars (9) Experienced in Psychic Readings. ******************************************************************************************************** THE POWERS AND TOOLS I USE IN MY READINGS:--- (1) Psychic Powers (2) Spiritual Powers (3) Meditation Powers (4) Mystic Powers (5) Crystal Ball (6) Deep Intuitive Powers (7) Rosary Recitation (8) Spiritual Chanting (9) Healing Water (10) Tarot Cards Reading (11) Human Psychology Knowledge (12) Verses from the Holy Book (13) Birds and Dolls.