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Let me provide a detailed and accurate psychic reading for your pet today!. I have a special bond with animals and I am also a pet owner. If your pet is acting differently contact me immediately. Your pet may sense or see something you cannot as they also have a sixth sense. They may be warning you of something as they have a special bond and do protect you. Have you recently moved? Has someone new come into your life? Have you recently brought an item into your home? There are other reasons as well and I will tell you specifically what your pet is experiencing and what to do for your best friend. Other Specialties  
About My Services

I am a clairvoyant psychic or seer and my visions are accurate and detailed. I provide psychic readings by live chat where the first three minutes are free or by live phone session. I also provide detailed email readings. I do not sugarcoat my readings. My reviews are for real and I am the real deal. DISCLAIMER- Must be 18 years old. Readings do not substitute Medical Advice by a Licensed Medical Doctor

Experience & Qualifications

I was born with this psychic gift which is generational. As my blood factor is RH- this may be the reason that generational psychics continue in my family bloodline. I have reading as a Psychic since I was 15 years old. I joined Kasamba in 2008. YouTube Partner since 2009 having a playlist of psychic predictions and one of my paranormal investigations. I am a host of a spiritual and psychic radio show on Blogtalkradio.com. I cover spiritual and psychic topics such as the Universal Law of Attraction, past lives, awakening your own psychic abilities and psychic predictions for the world. I am a published author. Paranormal investigator and was seen on, "True Monsters" which aired on the History Channel. Traveled across the USA investigating the paranormal and published a book titled, "My Ghost Adventures & Otherworldly Phenomenon."


I am a licensed RN, BSN and worked as a RN Hospice Case Manager holistically combining medicine and spirituality for my clients as each day was a celebration of life. Paranormal investigator and published author, "My Ghost Adventures & Otherworldly Phenomenon" investigating the most haunted areas across the USA. History Channel appearance on, "True Monsters." Spiritual radio host as a psychic and life coach.